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(user deleted) 17 Nov 2011 20:33
1d100 Bor's return trip
(user deleted) 17 Nov 2011 20:32
1d100 Bor's trip to the Chameleons
Harley Orobern 15 Nov 2011 01:35
1d20+4; 1d20+8 Isaac Robin Int check; Spellcraft check
Harley Orobern 15 Nov 2011 01:27
1d20+8 Coron Suvroc Initial Initiative
Harley Orobern 12 Nov 2011 20:10
1d20+4 Isaac Robin Know: Local, find a private convo spot.
(user deleted) 29 Oct 2011 08:42
1d20+13 Mali Ohba Mali paints and inspiring portait of Interceptor.
(user deleted) 29 Oct 2011 08:37
1d20+13 Mali Ohba Mali Ohba paints and inspiring portrait of Sidhe Spellweaver from her sickbed.
Kajhera 27 Oct 2011 15:38
21d20 Sidhe For the week including October 26th to November 1st, the rolls for if I cast Unseen Servant once per day, at CL 3. (Requires 5 or higher to work.) May not use all successes, due to limited number of tools and room, but should work better than including 'if' clauses.
Bill Bisco 24 Oct 2011 12:40
1d20+6 Examplicus Examplicus tries to make a skill check
Harley Orobern 23 Oct 2011 06:01
1d20+4 Isaac Robin Search
Kajhera 21 Oct 2011 00:30
1d20+9 Sidhe Diplomacy check regarding young harpies, aiding another Mali
Harley Orobern 20 Oct 2011 23:04
1d20+8;1d10+7+1d6 Greed Attack; Damage (with punishing stance)
Kajhera 20 Oct 2011 19:51
7d20; 7d20; 7d20 Sidhe Unseen Crafter caster level checks. Must get 5 or higher to work. On failure lose a day of crafting and have to try again next day (second roll for this if failure, third roll if second is a failure as well, then on to the first roll again).
Kajhera 19 Oct 2011 13:31
1d20+1; 1d20+1; 1d20+1 Sidhe Caster level check to determine if Unseen Crafter is cast, for 3 days
Kajhera 18 Oct 2011 01:55
1d100 Sidhe Roll to determine what manner of vision Sidhe possesses (Unseelie Fey)
Harley Orobern 15 Oct 2011 06:41
8d8;1d4 Raonazak Balar Damage on save (destructive breath); recharge time
Harley Orobern 15 Oct 2011 06:21
4d6+4d6+6 Isaac Robin critical hit potential damage (round 2 vs dead man walking)
Harley Orobern 15 Oct 2011 06:20
1d20+3 Isaac Robin Critical confirmation (round 2 vs dead man walking)
Harley Orobern 15 Oct 2011 06:18
1d20+3;2d6+2d6+3 Isaac Robin Attack; Damage (with psionic weapon)
dna1 06 Oct 2011 00:23
3dF test
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